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X-Bionic Speed Evo OW Running T-Shirt

The new Running Speed Evo generation is stronger than ever. Run at the peak of innovation in X-Bionic high-tech functional wear. The t-shirt keeps you cool, dry and comfortable as you strive for the best in results and performance.

The 3D-BionicSphere System on the chest and back optimises the cooling process, which is vital for retaining performance ability during running. Better cooling means better performance. Without giving the body the impression that it is getting cold, fresh air from the 3D-BionicSphere System in the chest area cools down the body temperature. Hot, moist air is disposed of using the dynamics of body warmth and then replaced with new fresh air. 3D-BionicSphere System on the back guarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away. No sweat means insulating air pockets in the wavelike structure protect against cold. SweatTraps trap perspiration before you start to feel it. Sweat is wicked away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics. A film of perspiration is left behind to cool the skin.

Better performance is guaranteed with X-Impact Technology due to graduated compression that reduces muscle oscillations, supports muscles and joints and optimises nutrient supply. A self-adjusting cuff keeps the shirt from slipping up or constricting. he X-Bionic Shirt offers a sporty and tight fit for enhanced running performance.


  • 3D BionicSphere - Optimises the cooling process.
  • Body Temperature Regulation - Keeps your body at a constant temperature.
  • Ventilation - Allows cool air to circulate.
  • SweatTraps - Traps sweat before you feel it and moves it away from the skin so it can be evaporated easily.
  • Air Pockets - Protect against the cold.
  • Perspiration Film - Cools the skin.
  • X-Impact Technology - Reduces muscle oscillation, supports muscles and optimises nutrient supply.
  • Self Adjusting Cuff - Prevents the shirt from slipping up or constricting.
  • Active Fit - For enhanced running performance.
  • Material - 98% Polyamide, 2% Polypropylene.

Redefining The World Of Functional Clothing

In 2000, X-Bionic were the first company to adapt a highly scientific approach. They asked: Are there examples found in nature? How can textiles help athletes use their energy resources more efficiently than ever?

X-Bionic started off by creating a revolutionary functional sock, followed by an innovative jacket. Similar to evolution, the development was continually perfected. Their patents were beginning to pile up as time went on. And their long­standing beliefs about functional apparel were thrown out due to being outdated myths. In the place of bulky socks came ones that were anatomically shaped and multifunctional that maintained the barefoot climate found in nature.

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